Edward & Don (Former Students)

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Edward & Don (Former Students)

To K9Key and friends,

We are writing this letter to express our appreciation to Ki Hong and his son Steve. We enrolled in Canine Key Kennel Institute with a special request. We no only wanted Ki to teach us basic training, but wanted to get a foundation in Schutzhund training as well. It was in the course of the next 10 weeks that we realized how blessed we were to have found this institute.

We thank you for the extra effort that you put forth everyday to assure that we had a good understanding of the lesson at hand. Whether you were teaching us the correct way of performing a simple command, like sit and stay, or teaching us the intricacies of competition style obedience, it was always your attention to detail that made the lesson a special one. With a combination of film, class discussion, and hands on training, we graduated from your institute well prepared.

We traveled from Connecticut to New York everyday, but you and your family made us feel at home. It was an honor to have the chance to learn from a person with such a passion for the craft of dog training and we will continue to look to you for advice and guidance.


Donald Dinkins & Edward Taylor