“Cooper” Entlebucher Mountain Dog

cooper1 cooper2

I am a proud owner of Cooper, an Entlebucher (one of the Swiss Mountain Dogs). I got Cooper when he was 8 weeks old. Right away I knew I needed a trainer. The first trainer I hired told me after 3 weeks that she could not train my dog. Cooper knew all his commands the trainer taught him like sit, stay and down, but the problem would be all the other times I didn’t give him a command. Cooper would bolt out of the crate and jump and nip at me relentlessly. Cooper had such energy he would never rest. You could not pet him without him nipping and you could never go down on the floor at his lever because he would pin you down and start biting. Upset and lost at what to do, I googled dog trainers and came across Steve’s website. Our first meeting with Steve, he quickly knew Cooper’s temperament and most likely mine. I was concerned Cooper was an aggressive dog and Steve assured me he wasn’t, but a strong alpha dog with high energy. He recommended boot camp for six weeks and I agreed. It was an investment, but one I never regretted. After boot camp I continued to go to lessons and tat is when I learned how to handle Cooper. Cooper tested me many times, but I stuck with the program and I am grateful I did. Cooper is the loving family pet my family and I were hoping for.

Gina Miranda