“Finley” – German Shepherd


“Finley” – German Shepherd

Dear Steve,

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our dog Finley and our family. We were at our wits end when we found you. Finley was very hard to control, so much so that we were afraid to have people come to our home and I was afraid to take him out of the house. We had about 5 trainers you, they all cost plenty of money, but did not make any difference. I was always told that his behavior was my fault because I was not listening well enough, following through or being stern.

After working with you, Finn came home a completely different dog. I thought you might have returned a different dog. He listens to commands, plays well with the children, and is overall a wonderful pet for our family. Your hard work has really paid off for us. If it wasn’t for you, I am not sure we would have been able to keep Finn. My dogs are like my kids, but he was so very difficult. Finly and The Birk’s LOVE Steve!

We are truly grateful!

Brian and Britt Birk

Ps. We are also so thankful that you will have him back when we are away. He loves going to the Steve Hong Hotel!