“Kara” German Shepherd

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“Kara”¬†German Shepherd

To K9Key and friends,

I am writing this letter to proclaim my sincere gratitude for the outstanding German Shepherd Dog that I received from you three years ago. She is a beautiful sable bitch out of your old dog Karo and Yoshi daughter, Nikki. I have been training dogs for about eight years. It is a pleasure to have a dog that loves to work. Kara has finally matured and has become the dog that I was looking for three years ago. You are truly a Master at breeding. The support you have bestowed upon me has allowed Kara to become the dog she is today. I plan on breeding her to a male German Shepherd of your choice. I already have a list of homes for at least two litters. People who encounter Kara are impressed with her temperament. I am an administrator at St. Martin de Porres Marianis School, which enrolls students aged three to fourteen years old. My students absolutely love her and never leave her alone. Kara believes that she belongs in the classroom with the students.

I have seen Kara’s obedience improve during every training session with Ki Hong, founder of Canine Key Kennel Institute. David will always use the natural drives that my dog has to create ultimate focus and end on a successful not.

Ki’s son Steve has done the protection helper work with Kara. He truly knows how to read the dogs that I have seen him work. Steve consistently brings Kara to a higher level every time he works her. I feel that her confidence is at a high level due to Steve Hong’s natural ability. Steve has also done protection work with my bullmastiff bitch. I could write a full length novel on the wonders he has done with her.

It has been a blessing to learn from Ki Hong and his son Steve. I truly look forward to working with you both soon.

God Bless,

John Holian