“Luna” Mini Australian Shepherd


“Luna” Mini Australian Shepherd

Our miniature Australian Shepherd dog Luna came into our home as a seemingly well adjusted, sweet, but shy one year old pup. After raising two kids, we figured a dog couldn’t be any more difficult. Within just a few days of her arrival though, she began to exhibit signs of aggression towards anyone but me and my husband. She snapped at my 90 year old father (who lives with us), she growled and nipped at friends who were visiting, and when our daughter left for college and came back two weeks later, Luna tried to bit her hand. She became a terror on the leash – baring her teeth, letting out deep growls, and lunging toward other dogs or people – it got to the the point that she would growl at everyone we passed. Our visions of day hikes and walks in the park with our dog vanished.

Realizing we needed a super pro I scoured the internet looking for the best of the best. I found Steve through a woman at K9 Behavior Service on Long Island. Steve met us at a neutral spot, had me pass him the leash, and went for a walk with our growly, snarly monster. After a lengthy meeting and a discussion about Luna’s behavior we agreed to start the training as soon as possible.

It was extremely hard to be without Luna so we were texting Steve ALOT. He kept us updated on her progress and even sent some pictures. About two weeks into the training he brought Luna to the park so we could see her – we were going out of our minds we missed her so much. Clearly she was quite content to be with Steve – I would describe her as being mildly pleased to see us – which was just fine! We were so worried she was lonely or afraid, but she seemed so happy and content. Assured of her well-being we were able to relax and allow Steve do his job and let us know when she’d be ready for us. About four weeks later we were reunited with a completely different – BETTER version of our dog. Best still, as part of the training, we continually met with Steve for private and group lessons so he could watch and correct our behavior.

Steve is a top notch professional and we are so grateful to have found him. If you love your dog and you want results call Steve.

Barbara Leff