“Mini” Chow Mix


“Mini” Chow Mix

There are no words to describe how grateful I am that I found K9key!

Mini (mutt) came to stay one night at my house and has been here 3 years later!!!!

Mini was a stray dog that made her way here from the streets of Puerto Rico. As a new dog owner I had no clue on how to train or teach a dog anything. I tried a group class at a local pet store and wanted more personalized attention. I asked around for a recommendation for dog trainer, through a friend I came across K9KEY! Mini had several issues that we needed to work on. At each session, Steve explained what was going to take place in the session and by the end of the session Mini did exactly what was taught. I was and still am so impressed with her training and the knowledge & skills that K9Key has shared with us. If anybody wants to call me to get a reference I will be more than happy to do so!!!!!

With much thanks!!!

Stacey B

Oceanside, NY