“Shiloh” German Shepherd

“Shiloh” German Shepherd

Dear Eddie:

I wanted to take a moment to say ow please I was with your training of our German Shepherd puppy.

I found that the two most important things that you brought to the table during our training sessions (several individual sessions and a 6-week training class) were the following:

  1. A very thorough understanding of my breed and an excellent assessment of Shiloh’s personality.
  2. The ability to listen to my concerns and needs.

I truly appreciate your patience to listen to my questions and walk me through why you were recommending handling a situation in a certain way.

Many dogs do not need to be taught to go up and down stairs or jump into the back of an SUV, but in each case you made it fun for Shiloh and she always looked forward to your arrival for training.

Although Shiloh has completed her classes, I look forward to our continued relationship knowing that I (and not so much Shiloh) will need some additional training and pointers in handling new behaviors as they arise.

Best Regards,

Melinda Philbrook

Norwalk, CT