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About Vom Hermes Dogs


We are Breeders of finest German Shepherds. And very proud to present to you some of our Dogs.

Here at vom Hermes German Shepherds, we will only accept the very best in all our animals, that is why we have spent years researching bloodlines from all over the world and also travelling to see for ourselves males, females and their progeny from various bloodlines.
We look for balanced drives, males/females who are equally as happy both on and off the working/training fields.
It is great to have ultimate working dog, and also very rewarding but remember we have to live with these animals, there is nothing worse than a dog who cannot switch off when his/her work is completed. They should be balanced enough to be able to know the difference between work and family living, a good dog is one who will protect his/her handler and family when under threat but can also be happy and content in a normal family environment.
We hope that this has given you an insight into what our breeding program is all about and hopefully helped you understand our aims now and always have been, to always improve.


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